The Science of Reface-X Perfection Plasm
Perfection Plasm
Perfection Plasm Twin Pack
The Science of Reface-X Perfection Plasm
Perfection Plasm
Perfection Plasm Twin Pack

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Watch beautygrammer @cameliakatoozian show you how to use Perfection Plasm ... and its benefits! Unlike harsh, old-fashioned acne treatments, it can be used when you have acne to clear your skin fast ... and you can keep using it as a beauty booster even when you don’t to nourish a perfect blemish-free glow.

Fight Acne


Kills with kindness.

Lethal on P. acnes bacteria

Our unique formulation features a maximum-strength active honey that's as lethal on P. acnes as benzoyl peroxide (BP). But unlike BP it's incredibly gentle.

Double whammy

Added green tea and willowherb are also proven P. acnes killers, delivering an extra one-two punch that will knock your acne out for good.

Cool the volcano

Willowherb and green tea intensely calm and soothe irritation and inflammation, reducing breakout severity, colour, heat and discomfort.

Prevent Acne


Treats + Prevents.

Prevention: better than cure

Unlike normal acne solutions, Perfection Plasm doesn’t harm healthy skin. So you can use it as a treatment when you have acne — and as a preventative when you don’t.

Imperfections be gone

Natural gluconic acid helps exfoliate dead skin cells more gently than salicylic acid to clear blemishes.

Fewer breakouts

Green tea dramatically controls sebum by limiting the hormonal response and oil-production triggers of sebaceous glands. Less oily skin = fewer breakouts.

The New Face of You


Gives good face.

Delicious skin. Daily.

Perfection Plasm doesn't just kill acne: it's amazingly good for your skin too. Mix a little into your usual moisturiser every day for a glow-up you won't believe. It'll even rescue skin that's dry, flaking and red from acne medication. Honey is a luxurious, oil-free emollient that hydrates skin without greasiness. And because it's jam-packed with antioxidants and other extra goodness from green tea, willowherb and hyaluronic acid, continuous use of Perfection Plasm ensures healthy, supple, glowing and acne-free skin. Or, in other words, perfection.

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what's the verdict?


I thought this would be some alternative thing but it is strong and works! Cost is up there but i suppose because its all natural it costs. I have also used in place of my serum and its wonderful, just be careful you don't use too much as it gets slightly sticky if you mix too much in


So much better than chemist acne products, doesn't leave me looking like a patchy leper.


I have used a lot of acne products in the past and this would definitely rate as one of my favourites. As others have said, it works best when it is used as early as possible. I just apply a huge blob and it definitly reduces or stops a pimple from becoming a huge spot. Great to know that it is all natural as well. Has become one of my bathroom cabinet must haves.


Finally something that actually works that is nature based. I don't use anything non natural and have had a hard time finding something that actually works. thanks!


I get blind pimples that are HUGE and hurt and take forever to go away. If you get to the spot early when it's a sore red area just starting to swell and slather the plasm on it, it disappears overnight. Great product.